About the UX and Marketing Consultant

No longer will you hear these two daunting phrases, "We can't find it" and "We didn't know." In one tap and less than three clicks, Tabitha Giles will take you and your customers to the most important information as well as any must-have entertainment.

She understands that there is nothing more frustrating than to learn that your customers had a difficult time finding what they need on your website or have never seen a promotion for any of your services or products. She is committed to delivering the ultimate experience through mobile and web design in addition to developing appropriate marketing strategies and building trusted media relationships within the communities you serve.

Tabitha, who is PMP certified, has previously worked as a web manager and communications specialist for Western Star Trucks and Sterling Trucks. She has also worked as a director of public relations for a semi-professional basketball team The Great Lakes Storm.

When Tabitha is not analyzing and testing user experiences, or building brand awareness campaigns, she is focused on writing, filmmaking, and photography. Contact her today for a consultation and click through her portfolio to see the depth of her experience.